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Feature article on climate, nursing, and human health

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Story & Photo Essay titled “Photographing Iceland”

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What About the Salmon Sharks?

Do a local diver's observations and a lack of recent scientific research foreshadow a diminishing population of salmon sharks? An old Alaskan tale tells of small charter planes flying above Prince William Sound, with an aerial view of thousands of salmon sharks thrashing at the water's surface below.

A Better Brighter Future

Standing on the UBC campus is Reconciliation Pole, carved by master carver and Haida Hereditary Chief James Hart. At over 16 metres tall, located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded land of the Musqueam people, on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC), stands the recently installed Reconciliation Pole.

Pacific Rim Magazine

When you walk through the glass doors and into the bright white space, you are greeted by tall ceilings, lush green plants, and splashes of pinks, oranges, and blues. Located at 611 Gore Avenue, on the outskirts of Vancouver Chinatown, Kokomo has a plant-focused menu with a sun-inspired theme.

Kitchen Table Magazine

Brett Warnock is raising funds for Kitchen Table Magazine on Kickstarter! Stories/Art/Ideas about Food + Place


10 Days of Film Photography From Around Iceland

This past spring three friends and I traveled to Iceland for a 10 day road trip adventure. We rented a car from Keflavík airport outside Reykjavik, and set off with camping gear in tow. We had minimal plans mapped out but high hopes of driving the perimeter of the Island, which we successfully accomplished.

8 tips to make your healthiest week ever - The Fit Foodie

Your healthiest week ever may be more accessible than you think! Sometimes it's a matter of simplifying, going back to our basic needs, finding balance and adding a little spontaneity into our daily routine. Whether you're working nine-to-five or traveling the world, here are some easy ways to help you feel more fulfilled, and have your best week ever.

Full Circle

An Australian Adventure Story: Chronicles of a Road Trip Down The West Coast. By Nicola Anderson for @tidalmagazine I have vivid memories from our old house growing up, sitting on the green and white striped two seater couch staring at the photographs hanging on the wall of the computer room.

SUBMISSION: Tales of the Great Ocean Road - Uninhibited

A few weeks ago our mailbox went ping! And we were introduced to a lovely soul named Nicola Anderson. Nicola had just arrived home from a year of travelling and was lucky enough to take the windy trip down Victoria's Great Ocean Road.