Hey! Thanks for being here.

My name is Nicola, I am a photographer and yoga teacher based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. My main gigs are photography and yoga, but I wear many hats. Someone once told me to focus on ONE passion, and make that into my career. But I said, hell NO! I want to merge all of my passions to create my dream career. So here we are.

I fell in love with photography after I was gifted my first film camera five years ago. Ever since then my passion for this craft has grown, as well as my knowledge behind the lens. I work with wellness and lifestyle brands, yoga teachers, and unique couples, to capture your business, yoga practice, or love, in its best light. I’ll take photos that set you apart, in the best way.

I’ve been teaching yoga for the past 7 years, and now offer yoga + adventure retreats worldwide. Want to travel the world, do yoga, have fun, and meet awesome people? Come adventure with me!

When I’m not taking photos, or teaching yoga, you can find me singing and playing guitar—either alone in my bedroom, or serenading you in your next savasana.

Think you’d love to work together? Me too. Let’s start creating…now!